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I love the layout and colors of my WordPress blog and hate to leave it, but Blogger is much more user-friendly for me now and other options are easier for me to navigate also. I will leave this blog active, for the history, my stores and sake of my photos, but my postings will now be through

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Chain Saw Wood Carving


For my daughter-in-law’s birthday this year we spent a few hours at the “Tall Timber Days” in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Of special interest to us was the chain saw carvings. I’ve never seen it done before.

As I always seem to do, I looked up the history of chain saw carving and one site stood out to me, although there are others you can do a search for, this one went far back in history telling of the history of the chain saw too. (Click on the photo above to go to this particular web site story and photos.)

This little tidbit from the mentioned website summed up current day chainsaw carvings.

“Today, chainsaw carving encompasses a wide variety of styles, skill levels, and themes. Some artists are strictly performance artists who draw large audiences and are interested in pieces that can be done quickly. Others work for months on one piece, perfecting the sculpture for display in an art gallery. Themes involve anything imaginable, from wildlife to figures to tree houses. Chainsaw carving shows, too, have increased in number to reflect the growing art form.”

Here are some photos I took of the actual carving and the finished products while at the “Tall Timber Days.”








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